Knocked out fighter lands in an awkward way

CAUTION: turn down your volume. Watch the whole video for replay

Many strange things can happen to your body when you take a hard enough punch to the head. You may stumble across the cage until you fall flat on your face. Or you crumble to the canvas like a bag of laundry. Maybe your arms shoot straight out and your whole body seizes up. But to bend so far backwards that your head is the first body part that makes contact with the floor is something new.

Collin Reuter and Gerald Fike faced off against each other at Solid As A Rock Fighting Championships 2 and it was Fike who wound up on the wrong end of the knockout. The entire fight lasts only 26 seconds but you will remember its conclusion for quite some time.

After the two fighters move around, feeling each other out with some probing punches and kicks it is Reuter who lands a wild overhand right and sends Fike to the canvass. Fike looks like he is diving into a swimming pool. His back arches so much that his head and his feet are touching the canvass at the same time.

His neck twists in a pretty scary fashion and Fike lays motionless as the ref attends to him. The medical team comes in and works on him for a bit. Thankfully, Fike gets up and looks okay as he and Reuter meet in the middle of the cage and shake hands.