‘King Craig’ Vitale vs Joe Muir. 2 punch KO in rd2

Here is another amazing KO delivered by ‘King Craig’ Vitale

Not having been long in the ring ‘King Craig’ Vitale has definitely made his mark. Being Vitale’s fourth fight in the pro ring he seemed the underdog for the seasoned competition Joe Muir. But, ‘King Craig’ came out strong in the second round of the match with a KO in just 25 seconds. When he goes in for the uppercut he actually finishes with a second punch. His way of fighting is very entertaining and makes this KO video a great one. ‘King Craig’ has gotten the attention of many with the vicious uppercuts he uses to knockout his opponents, just like shown in this video. One such admirer of his style is actually Mike Tyson. Mike actually tracked down Vitale’s trainer after seeing him fight in Australia and asked to have him train in America for pro boxing. Vitale hails from Australia, but is now known well in the boxing ring because of his hard work and dedication to boxing. He may still be considered a novice by some, but he stands out as one of the most promising up and coming boxers. He has a great track record set for himself already, and he shows no signs of stopping. Vitale’s opponents actually seem to go down with ease. Speaking of opponents, Joe Muir was no easy competition.
Joe has the quite the record, with 10 MMA wins and 9 KOs out of those 10 wins. He is tough and imposing competition, especially when standing him up against Vitale who did not have as much experience at the time. Though both are relatively new to the ring, Joe does have a couple years of experience on Vitale, Joe started in 2009 and Vitale started in 2011. Even with more experience, it wasn’t enough to stop Vitale from completely winning the match.
Vitale may have started this sport as a hobby and a way to lose a few extra pounds, but he now stands as one known for his powerful uppercuts and great track record. He seems to be making himself an impressive and powerful match for any boxer and we are all interested to see just how far he takes his career. ‘King Craig’ now has a great international following and world fame for his uppercut knockouts. Fight by fight Vitale is leaving an impression on the boxing world.