‘King Craig’ Vitale. Vicious uppercut. KO of the year candidate

Vicious upper-cut finished the fight after 51 secs of the opening round. KO1

Supporting a 4-4 kickboxing record, but on debut as a boxer, Johnny Kavana played ot the crowd on announcement but in all fairness was never in the fight. Kavana had every intent in making ‘King Craig’ earn his win, but it was a short night at the office as a vicous upper-cut finished the fight after 51 secs of the opening round. KO1

Today you will be truly surprised by the video. Some of you will find this video exciting, the others would say that it is funny. This would be a short fight but beyond a shadow of doubt this fight has its WOW moment! So, «King Craig» Vitale and John Kavana get in the ring.

Craig Vitale walked into a boxing gym for the first time in November 2011. With only three years BoxingFit Highpoint has become his home. And you will see it is not for nothing that Craig Vitale is a respected part of the increasingly powerful FightCard Promotions stable of professional boxers.
By the way, Fight Card Promotions is a promotional and management organization that aims to promote top quality boxing events across Australia. At the moment «King Craig» Vitale is about to start his journey to the top. They say that «King Craig» Vitale is Australia’s Heavyweight Boxing sensation! And now you will make sure of it!

But first let us say some words about Craig’s contender too. Johnny Kavana from New Zealand meets a warm welcome from the audience. He is going to take 4 rounds of international Heavyweight Boxing but frankly speaking he really seems to make his debut as a boxer. So the referee instructs the fighters and here comes the first round. And of course Johnny is looking a bit more composed. He makes several attempts to strike out right and left but in vain. The next moment we see a pack of punch from Craig Vitale. But wait a second! What is it? «King Craig» Vitale finishes the fight on the 51st second of the first round just flattening his opponent by a powerful and telling upper-cut. For Johnny Kavana it was nasty fall, but we hope that everything will be fine about him.