Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock fight highlights & behind the scenes

Shamrock: “I did everything right!”

While we’re yet to learn whether Jose Aldo will be able to fight in the most anticipated battle of summer 2015, why not have another look at the battle which has already finished and was not less hyped? Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock didn’t tour the world like Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor but the total amount of trash talk by two heavyweight vets was pretty similar to that of two featherweights in their prime.

As for the fight itself – well, fortunately this business is finished now. Otherwise we would be doomed to watch at least one more bout where two guys, whose total age is 92, enter the cage to show great spirit but mediocre skill. Seriously, the two main questions after you watch this fight are “How can anyone miss takedowns like that?” and “How can anyone let the guy escape from a rear naked choke trap like that?”. “The world’s most dangerous man” is all wrong when he says he did everything right. Prior to the fight there were many voices saying Shamrock’s ground skills are still dangerous enough to get Kimbo in a huge trouble. What we actually saw on June 19, turned out to be not dangerous even for Kimbo, not talking about anyone else on Bellator roster.

On the other hand there’s not much to praise Kimbo for. Yes, his striking was devastating enough to knock Shamrock down and cause that severe cut but let’s have it – Kimbo was on the brink of a failure and if this is how his ground game looks like after hard training then we have bad news for Mr. Ferguson. Though 5-2 looks better than 4-2 we probably won’t wait long until the number of Kimbo’s defeats grows if he continues his MMA career. This battle doesn’t change much for Kimbo Slice as well as for Ken Shamrock – one still remains a Youtube brawler while the other’s still a retired fighter. Amen.