Kimbo Slice: “Tapping out was not an option”.

The fight was ‘amazing’ according to Kimbo.

You know, I don’t dare to call the main event of Bellator 138 a bad fight. The so called battle between Floyd and Pacman deserved this kind of definition as the emotional level inside the ring could not be compared at all with what fans had expected. From that point of view “The Unfinished Business” was rather good. Sure, if the names of the fighters were not so well known the fight itself would never get to highlight reels. But it was not boring, anyway. I only wish Ken Shamrock didn’t ask for a rematch – a burst of six headshots is more than enough in his age.

Shamrock’s retirement was not announced but it’s suggested. What about Kimbo Slice? The main question after the fight was whether it was a one and done thing or are we to see Kimbo in the cage once again? After the fight Slice made it clear – he’s back to training on Monday, June 22, and he’s willing to have at least one more bout this year, the choice of an opponent being his management’s call. The win over Shamrock obviously gave the Youtube brawler an immense boost. “I feel great about it. You know, I had my mind set – ‘yeah, I wanna do it, I want to knock his (Ken Shamrock – Double-Knockout.Com) ass out’. You know I really did. Tapping out was not an option. Losing was not an option. I put my heart and I left my heart in the ring, that’s how I come to fight”, Slice said in the post-fight interview.

However it was not at all easy for Slice when he was caught in a rear naked choke trap set by Shamrock. Slice says he was ‘little upset’ about it, his trainer, former World Extreme Cagefighting champion Mike Thomas Brown called it ‘nearly checkmate’. And it’s Mike Brown who needs to be credited for Kimbo’s choke escape which turned out to be a crucial point of the battle. “We all said, ‘What if it went to the ground?’ And if Ken could keep him down there then this might be his night, but Kimbo was able to stand up and fight off the choke. He throws bombs; the guy is a heavy puncher. That’s how the fight ended”, Mike Brown said in his interview to Sherdog. Kimbo, too, was generous in his praise of Mike Brown saying that Mike is the only person whom he would like to have in his corner at any given time. This time their cooperation proved useful and if Mike has time and opportunity to teach Slice more groundwork then Kimbo’s MMA comeback will be more promising than it looks now.