Kimbo Slice’s first boxing bout

Kimbo Slice’s professional Boxing debut & 10 second KO of James Wade

Kimbo Slice debuts as a professional boxer in this video from 2011. As we all know Kimbo actually got his start in mixed martial arts through street fights and gained most of the fans from his early backyard fighting videos. Kimbo started out as a bouncer at a strip club, later becoming a bodyguard which led to him becoming a street fighter in the future. Then street fighting eventually led Slice to a full fledge mixed martial arts career where he has been pretty successful. Later Kimbo decided to try out professional boxing, the result of his first bout can be seen in the video.
Kimbo’s opponent James Wade was going into his second bout, losing his first fight by a third round knockout to another debuting boxer.
There is no feel out process as Kimbo immediately attacks his opponent, after a few punches Kimbo lands a brutal right uppercut that sends Wade falling on his back through the bottom rope, with half of his body being in the ring and other half out of the ring. The ringside doctor checks his neck. There is no need for the referee to give him a count, it’s all over because he wont be able to get up from this vicious uppercut.
That was an impressive showing by Kimbo Slice in his professional boxing debut,