Kimbo Slice’s 2nd pro boxing bout

Kimbo Slice won his second professional boxing bout knocking out Tay Bledsoe with vicious right hook

Slice has a proven track record of winning his fights despite his age. The reason Kimbo Slice stands to win all of these fights is because of the incredible power he packs in his punches. Kimbo has always had some sort of job relating to the world of boxing. Slice actually used to be both a bouncer at clubs and a bodyguard. Slice got his nickname when he first started his career in street fighting. During his very first filmed street fight, Slice managed to leave a gash across his opponent’s left eye earning him the nickname that everyone knows him by today.

I know that whenever I’m watching Kimbo Slice fight that I can expect the bout to be a good one. In this video we watch him duke it out with his comparably smaller opponent. As soon as the bell rings Kimbo goes into a stalking mode, trying to overwhelm his opponent right away. And it doesn’t take him more than 10 seconds to land his first powerful punch of the fight, a left hand that backs up Bledsoe to the ropes. It’s all Kimbo for the next 100 seconds, putting the pressure on his overmatched opponent who isn’t able to stay away from the ropes. With a little over 1 minute to go in the first round Kimbo lands a clean right hook to his opponent’s jaw that sends Bledsoe to the floor, falling face down. He is out cold and the fight is over. Kimbo gets another impressive knockout win in his 2nd professional boxing bout.