Kimbo Slice: on himself, family and Shamrock

Can’t wait for June 19 to come!

We have no idea if Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice goes all the distance in his battle against Ken Shamrock at Bellator 138 in June. For sure, we don’t know whether he is going to win or lose. What we do know now is the fact that he can stand five rounds of being interviewed, as Bellator presented their “5 Rounds with Kimbo Slice”.

This brief talk is supposed to make us learn just a little bit more on who really is Kimbo Slice, what kind of person he is. According to the fighter, Kimbo should not be confused with Kevin: “Kevin Ferguson is a person who’s really family-oriented, who has a lot of morals, a lot of character and sticks to his roots and the structure. Kimbo Slice is a m………er. Everyone else has a piece of Kimbo Slice with them. You know, Kimbo Slice is the protector of Kevin Ferguson. Two entirely different people live different lives, do different things, speak different ways. And I am Kimbo Slice”.

With an opening round like that you could expect Kimbo to go all the way philosophizing. But like any prominent fighter, Ferguson uses various methods and techniques to reach his aim. “Simplicity is the key”, he states in debut of the  second, “family” round. Kimbo’s strategy of finding the time to spend with the ones he loves is perfectly simple and can fit almost anyone: “Just twenty four hours in the day. I would use eight of those hours to sleep, eight of those hours to work and the other eight to spend out with the family”.

But, with all respect to Kimbo and his family, it’s the upcoming fight we’re mostly interested in. This is even less sophisticated – for Kevin it’s going to be a revenge for all the trash talk done by Shamrock. “I can’t wait to punch him into mouth” – this is just as brief and clear as Caesar’s “veni, vidi, vici”. On June 19 we’ll find out whether the meaning is also the same.