Kimbo’s special sport drink

Smells like, uhm, championship…

They say, only the sky can be a limit for a talented individual. Looks like there are absolutely no limits for Kimbo Slice’s talents as he keeps revealing more and more of them. We sure know he is a tough fighter , we’ve watched him as a ghetto workout specialist, now it’s time to learn one more thing Kimbo’s great at – and this is fitness nutrition consulting!

LaDainian Tomlinson again plays a guinea pig for Chef Kimbo to test his cooking magic on. And the stuff Kimbo cooks in his backyard can make Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay shriek in terror. Kimbo’s special sports drink takes plenty of milk, two or three eggs, a thick slice of butter, a handful of ground beef, some hot sauce, a piece of leather and a good dose of secret “Kimbo’s sauce” of unknown origin, let’s hope it was made of chocolate. If a four-year old girl did that, it would be called “playing a cook” and the drink would go to the sewage soon after it was ready. It’s all different when Chef Kimbo is on stage – this is called a “special drink” and there’s absolutely no way to dodge trying it even if you are a famous running back for San Diego Chargers.