Kimbo promises to break Shamrock’s jaw

Kimbo Slice steps up the trash talk against Ken Shamrock

At their mutual pre-fight press conference Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock accompanied by Scott Coker look rather restrained. But as soon as the fighters are on their own they become much more free in their speech. Ken Shamrock in his recent interview to Sherdog doubted Kimbo Slice’s skills and did it in the manner which would sure make Kimbo react.
“He honestly believes he s a great MMA fighter – well, his world is going to be completely rocked when I step in the ring with him, when he finds out what a real professional MMA fighter can do, and a fighter that is not even at his prime! I’m not in my prime, I’m probably 75 percent from my prime. And I’m gonna spank him like a child”, said Shamrock.
Well, now is the time for Kimbo to return fire and here comes his brief street interview to TMZ Sports. “He wants to take me down on the ground? That’s something I tell my wife”, Kimbo says, answering to Shamrock’s laughing at his wrestling skill. Kimbo is not in the wrestling mood at all and relies on his striking: “We go man on man and I’m gonna knock him out. I will break his rib or break his jaw. I’ll just do what I do best”.
With all declared respect to Ken Shamrock’s numerous wins Kimbo shows no fear of facing an MMA legend in the cage: “To beat a legend, to end his career – that’s sounds pretty good to me”. Well, there’s not much time left until we find out if there’s anything in Kimbo’s words and promises.