Nasty body kick KO in a female Muay Thai bout!

With 71 win on her record, this is definitely not a girl to mess with!

The most usual comment to a video showing the Peruvian kickboxer Valentina Shevchenko in action is something like “This girls could easily beat Ronda Rousey” or “Ronda would easily beat her”. Not many people know that Shevchenko’s overall record in boxing, kickboxing and MMA is 71 win and only two losses (in MMA she lost to Liz Carmouche via TKO in 2010). Nobody knows whether she will really face Ronda Rousey some day but that could happen – they are almost the same age (Shevchenko is 27) and they are both bantamweights. And the fact that she is being compared with the UFC champion and the best female athlete of the present day proves that her fighting skills are worth watching.
Shevchenko was born in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan and started training martial arts there. Today she resides in Peru and has eleven world titles in Muay Thai and three world titles in kickboxing. Shevchenko is also known for her obsession with dancing and her walkouts often remind some folk festivals as she performs Slavic, Caucasian or Latin dancing on her way to the ring. But when it comes to fighting this girl completely proves her nickname, ‘The Bullet’. Shevchenko is a hard-hitter with equally good punching and kicking and she doesn’t like to go the distance in her fights.
A good example of that is right here – Valentina Shevchenko made a very quick work of Fabiana Dutra from Paraguay with two nastiest body kicks and a spinning elbow in the beginning. The first one obviously caused a huge pain and dropped Dutra on the mat, but she found enough courage to stand up and carry on. The finishing shot came soon after, this time sending Dutra to a one hundred percent knockout: ‘The Bullet’ flies fast and hits deadly.