Cross punch K.O. Kickboxing.

1st Ukrainian tournament fisticuffs “Prilutsky Hertz”

Alexander Matveyev in blue gloves, -75kg. Knockout by right cross punch.

Cross – is a type of direct kick with his right hand, is a strong, often a knockout blow in boxing. It is usually used after pretreatment when the enemy opened. Just beat him to meet strike an opponent.

Tech cross occurs under the scheme: push the right foot – the transfer of body weight on the left foot – turn body and shoulder belts from right to left and striking hand muscles. Right shoulder at the end of stroke must be elevated to protect the head from the oncoming enemy or side impact. Left fist tightly pressed against the lower face and left elbow pressed against the torso to protect the boxer from counterattacks right.

Cross in the box compared to the heavy artillery, which try to beat for sure, investing in a clubbing right hand all the power.

However, we must remember the rule: what hands beat, and with that you can miss. So do not forget about protecting and causing cross, remove the head from the line of attack. Just remember that when struck opens liver. Therefore, breaking the cross, throws the elbow. As you know, missed a blow to the liver at best leads to respiratory failure and at worst – to knock out. So, attacking, think about their own safety.