Kickboxer gets knocked down, scores a comeback KO!

Great comeback knockout!

The fight starts with Jerome trying to stalk his smaller opponent. Sefo is over 40 lbs lighter than Le Banner going into the fight. Sefo is circling away, throwing a few kicks and landing them both. One low kick and one kick to the body. Sefo tries to stay on the outside but Le Banner comes in throwing punches, nothing big lands. Sefo is following the gameplan by staying away from the bigger opponent and throwing kicks from the outside. Fighters end up in the clinch, trading a few strikes but still nothing meaningful has been landed yet. Jerome is looking for big punches, not allowing Sefo to spend a lot of time off the ropes. Sefo misses on a low kick and spins around. Jerome is trying once again to close the distance and eats a kick to the body in return. Sefo is looking for another low kick, it isn’t there and he sping around again. This time Jerome is quicker to react, one of his big hooks gets through and drops Sefo. He’s able to get back to his feet quickly, he might be rocked a little bit but it’s clear that he’s able to continue. Jerome is looking to finish the fight, he’s charging at Sefo. Sefo throws a low kick but it’s not enough to make Le Banner think twice trying to get the finish. Jerome gets too careless closing the distance and eat a right hand from Sefo right on the chin! Jerome is down, he’s down on his knees, sliding face first into the canvas. The referee is giving him a ten count but a few seconds in it’s clear that Le Banner isn’t getting up from that punch.