Kick him in the d*ck!- Sam Alvey vs Dylan Andrews

Gotta love those drunk af people in the crowd!

The ellipses are there because of what the fan said at this MMA match in Australia. He meant kick him in his private parts;
Only the that’s not what the fan said. He said, “kick him in the … ” and used a word that rhymes with “brick.”
Those happy Aussies know how to have all the fun. As soon as the fan yelled it, the entire crowd broke out in a roar and the fighters each broke a smile.
Dylan lowering his hands to protect the low blow really sells it. Everyone in the entire room reacted to it. Fighters included. Good on those guys for talking a mutual chuckle-break in action.
It took the announcers a little while to understand what all the commotion was about, and that was fun in itself.