Katie Castro – the most famous ‘soccer mom’ in MMA history

We seriously hope she finds another hobby.

In February 2012 Katie Castro, a mother of three kids and a full time college student, registered on Twitter. Since then she typed a single tweet, dated February 29, 2012, saying “I am so frustrated with my life right now.”
Frustration and life problems lead people in various directions. While some find an outlet in alcohol, drugs or crime, Katie Castro decided to join the world of MMA instead. We don’t know whether she trained in a gym, fought on the street or just did nothing. The fact is that her first bout against Kristi Lopez on June 19, 2014 at Xplode Fight Series – Cerebral ended in 26 seconds, Castro being TKOed via punches. The sophomore attempt happened in the same year on September, 20. That time Castro was defeated by Laura Salazar via TKO (punches) in only 28 seconds. With less than a minute of total time spent in the cage (on her feet and conscious, we mean) Castro appeared at the Xplode show again on January 17, 2015. And the third fight was worse than her previous losses, as Castro was knocked out cold in ten seconds by Ilima-Lei Macfarlane.
The video of that fight gained more than a million of views and it’s easy to understand why. What we witness here can hardly be called an MMA bout. While Macfarlane really looked like an MMA fighter, Castro looked and behaved like she never fought and trained before. The faceplant knockout scored by Macfarlane caused immense controversy and forced the Xplode Fight Series authorities to share their point of view.
This summer XFS owner Gregg Sharp spoke with “Collateral Damage MMA” on doubtful matchmaking and stated that Katie Castro took the fight on the shortest notice possible and the beating she suffered is quite a common thing for MMA. Here are some quotes.
“A 0-0 fighter debuted against a 0-2 fighter and the knockout was vicious. Does this not happen on every level of MMA short of the UFC? Of course it does… Ilima Macfarlance who makes her pro debut is a terrific amateur fighter, Katie Castro who at the time is 0-2 is a not so terrific fighter, but a willing and game competitor. Ilima’s opponent pulls out, she has family that has flown in from Hawaii and across the country and we all have a decision to make. It’s a cold evening so the fighters are wearing a top and bottom Katie unfortunately did not have a politically correct top/bottom for the viewers out there, hence the term Soccer Mom but she is agreeable to step in last minute. First person we ask is her trainer if he accepts the fight, then we ask Katie if she accepts the fight. We then get her pre fight with the doctor, wrapped up and they fight. Ilima wins by knocking Katie out and that is it”, said Mr. Sharp adding that all hilarity was caused by “one or two haters”.
Now that everything is clear with Mr. Sharp’s conscience, the only question that really matters is whether we’re going to see Katie Castro in the cage again some day. The answer is “nobody knows”. According to Gregg Sharp, Katie could very well move to another promotion: “Will she (fight – Double-Knockout.Com)? I cannot answer that for everyone else, only for us, and right now Katie has worked with us three times and has never complained and has always been a terrific and gracious fighter even in defeat. But after three losses we cannot ask her to compete with us, even last minute, unless we are sure that she has been training and can compete with some effective skill set. Also when a fighter gets knocked out “cold” we make them sit for 6 months anyway. But does that mean she won’t fight again? I can’t stop that.”
Here’s the short interpretation: thanks for those three mismatch bouts, you’ve really helped girls a lot, but now it turns out your presence does more harm than good to our promotion. So we are not going to use your help any more but you feel free to try somewhere else. Good luck, Katie Castro.