Karate teacher schools his student with a brutal low kick!

Karma wears red pants and has a belly!

Most people come to gyms and dojos to become stronger, braver, healthier and, in fact, better. Most but not all of them. Sometimes there is a guy who learns fighting just to let his dark side out. So here’s such guy who faced an instant karma just when he was having fun chopping off legs of his sparring partner.
The guy in white gi looks very inexperienced, his low kicks are weak – actually, he just touches his opponent’s hips and shins. What he gets in the way of return fire is absolutely unneeded and uselessly cruel. Fortunately, the teacher finally happened to see that. With the words ‘you’re not throwing it properly’ he lands a massive low kick that dropped the villain to the mat and rides into the sunset saying ‘If I see it again I’m gonna break your legs!’ Applause.
The teacher’s name is Andrey Kochergin, he lives and trains in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Kochergin names himself a founder of ‘koi no takinobori ryu’, which, according to his website, is ‘a modern direction of the full-contact karate which uses a wide arsenal of technical and tactical techniques for victory. The basic difference from traditional karate schools is in the original, extremely rigid methods of training which are used for the full realization of one’s individual abilities’. The mentioned rigid methods include choking the students, full strength sparring sessions which leave them bleeding and sometimes injured – children are not allowed here, others take part at their own risk.