Justin Bieber gets his ass whipped by Mayweather

Wouldn’t we all wish to be in Mayweather’s place?

Floyd Mayweather, in all his glory and prosperity, gives numerous reasons for jokes. Justin Bieber, whose fans dub him the greatest pop star of all times (so sorry, Elvis and Elton), does, too. They say, opposites attract, but with Bieber and Mayweather we have the case of similarities sticking together. Bieber accompanied “Money” in walkouts and later the Biebs and Floyd were seen hanging out together and even boxing together. Or, better said, Justin Bieber was getting boxing lessons from the best pound for pound boxer.
Of course, pictures and videos in the social media, posted by the famous coach and his apprentice, couldn’t give us the whole idea of what Bieber’s training sessions look like. Fortunately, the late night show “Conan on TBS”, hosted by Conan O’Brien, managed to get hold of an ‘exclusive footage’ which they presented one night.
It started with Mayweather holding pads and Bieber throwing a few jabs but then the undefeated welterweight put his gloves on and – OMG! – knocks Bieber down to the mat. From now on things get only worse for the pop star who suffers a huge beating by jabs, hooks, chairs, baseball bats and, finally, the trash can.
Of course, the whole vid is a fake but isn’t it just what we would love to see happening in real life?