Jose Aldo defeats Edgar then taunts McGregor at UFC 200

Jose Aldo wins his UFC 200 fight!

Jose Aldo set up a rematch with Conor McGregor by outpointing Frankie Edgar at UFC 200. Aldo, who lost his featherweight title to the Irishman in 13 seconds last December, grew into the fight as it progressed.He proved too strong for his old rival – whom he also defeated in 2013 – in the final two rounds and won the interim belt as a result.

McGregor took a keen interest in the preliminaries at the T-Mobile Arena, standing to attention as both men made their way to the Octagon.He returned to his seat midway through the first round as Edgar made the better start, landing several leg kicks.

The American briefly forced his opponent back and got the better of an exchange in the centre of the Octagon.But if the first half of the round belonged to Edgar, the second was controlled by Aldo. Having snuffed the first of several takedown attempts, he landed a firm right before dropping Edgar in as he was caught while throwing a kick.

The second session began in similar fashion to the first but Edgar suffered a cut on the corner of his right eye, forcing blood trickling down his face. But he remained the busier throughout to level the score.

Cries of ‘USA, USA’ rang out from the pro-Edgar crowd and their man responded with an attempt combination.But he continued to endure frustration as Aldo’s takedown defence proved as resolute as ever.

The Brazilian was caught flush with a right hand but he responded with an identical shot before cracking Edgar’s chin with his knee.

Content to work on the back foot and land single shots, he began to read Edgar’s attacks with unerring accuracy.The pattern continued into the final five-minute spell as Edgar’s frustration grew as he ran out of time to exact his revenge.

Upon the announcement of a unanimous decision in his favour (by scores of 48-46 twice and 48-47), Aldo made his point to McGregor.He said: ‘Frankie’s a great athlete, I respect everyone but I have one goal and it’s to beat this guy [McGregor].

‘You can bet the next time I come here, I will beat him.

‘I feel really good. This is one step to getting the belt back. The next time you’ll see me as the true champion.’