Jerome Pina: training MMA, having fun and living large

You don’t have to fight to be a star

Jerome Pina will hardly ever sign with UFC, Bellator or any European MMA promotion. You are not likely to find anything if you browse the internet for his fights, knockouts, sublmissions, etc. However, his name is very well known among MMA fans and his popularity is fully deserved.
Jerome Pina creates, directs and plays the main role in a great number of motivation videos dedicated to MMA training. A guy in a special training mask which reminds of Scorpion from the “Mortal Combat” movie jumps and climbs the rope, punches, kicks and tears down the punching bag, performs impressive single hand push-ups and shows great power and cardio. Basically, the two main feelings you can have when you watch this video are respect and shame – respect for Jerome who is undoubtedly a great athlete and shame that you cannot remember the last time you went to the gym.
This new clip Jerome Pina posted on his Youtube channel features him training in an awesome place, the French Riviera. Finally the guy got out of dark gyms and dusty abandoned construction sites. His workout routine is impressive as usual but what’s new is the fact that we get to know Jerome a little better in this video. According to the video he spends his time not only on sharpening his striking and grappling. He also has a good taste for luxury cars, wines, flyboards, aquabikes and powerboats. It’s good to know nothing human is alien to this guy – that makes his workout videos even more motivating.