Jackie Chan Crushes Multiple Bricks!

Damn! He makes it look so easy.

A German show called Wetten Dass invites guests who claim they can perform an unusual stunt, while celebrities are invited as guests to judge if they can actually do it.

In this particular episode, this woman was challenged to break concrete blocks while holding an egg. The condition for the stunt was that egg should not break at any point in time.

Jackie Chan was invited to judge her performance in this episode.

The woman, however, was unable to do it, and broke the egg while breaking the concrete slabs. At this point, Jackie walks on to the stage and tells both the woman and the host that he will demonstrate how to break the slabs without breaking the egg.

He holds the egg in his hand, and uses the same hand to break through at least 12 slabs of concrete.

At the end of the stunt, he juggles the egg to show that it has not broken.