First round TKO – heavyweight division

Ion Cutselaba was just beating an opponent down before they ended the fight by TKO 

This video is quite impressive, documenting one of Ion Cutselaba’s most impressive MMA fights. As Daglar Gasimov enters the ring and greets the crowd, you’re probably thinking, man, this guy is big. And he is. But wait till you see his opponent. Ion Cutselaba looks like a 6-foot tall fighting machine, weighing a little under 260 pounds. Just 18 years old, he is already one of the most talked about athletes and mixed martial art fighters back in his native Moldova. Ion is rightly considered to be one of the most promising heavyweight fighters not just in his home country, but all over the former USSR – and beyond. This brutal-looking young fighter is European and Moldovan combat sambo champion. Daglar Gasimov, his opponent, holds quite a few titles himself. But if we were him, we would be a little worried right now.

The opponents greet each other, and the fight begins. Ion almost literally jumps into battle, throwing punches that look like they could bring down an entire building. Mr. Gasimov aims for Ion’s head, but his hands can barely reach the target. Ion Cutselaba shows a stunning balance of attack and defense skills, relentlessly pushing forward. Pretty soon Daglar ends up on the floor, trying to protect themselves from the punches that just keep flying. But protecting yourself against these things is not easy. Mr. Gasimov’s face is bleeding as the referee stops the fight. It’s pretty obvious what the result is, right? Technical knockout, yet another victory for Ion Cutselaba, and quite a short fight as well. Daglar Gasimov is still trying to stop the bleeding as Ion Cutselaba gives him a hug. In the end of the video, you can enjoy a slow replay of this truly amazing fight.