Instant karma for a fake gloves touch!

Unsportsmanlike conduct: shameful and sometimes painful.

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“What’s not prohibited is allowed”, “all is fair in love and war”, “victors are not judged”… That’s what we hear every time when someone wants to justify actions which are mean but not violating the rules. And yeah, if a guy fakes glove tap in the beginning of the fight and then punches, kicks or goes for a takedown while his opponent is unaware, it’s legal. But fortunately for all those who hate no-matter-what wins there’s such thing as Karma which punishes the dishonest and rewards the others. It may seem and sound ironic, but MMA has many examples of such punishment. So here’s another one.

On March 1st, 2014 Norwich (Norfolk, England) was getting ready for a Vikings invasion – East Coast Fight Factory held an MMA tournament between Norway and England teams. One of the main event fights was a bantamweight bout of Christoffer Darre (Norway) and Jay Webb (England). The fight was scheduled for a single 5-minute round but young fighters didn’t need more than five seconds to find out who’s the best.

Skip to the mark of 2:10 to see how Jay Webb fakes glove tap and instantly throws a low kick. And what a respond from Darre! He landed a sledgehammer bodypunch which beat all the cunningness out of Webb. The finishing pounding was already unnecessary, the Brit was destroyed.

Christoffer Darre showed great generosity, trying to cheer up his rival and help him to get on feet several times. Good for you, Christoffer, but the glove tap faker probably doesn’t deserve that.