Insane side flip stomp to the groin by the Chinese flyweight!

That was not the end of the fight though!

A hit to the groin is perhaps the most disturbing and painful thing in combat sports. It usually doesn’t knock you out and that makes it even worse because you just FEEL it. That’s why at we can feel nothing but sorry for Wu Hui Qiang who had his first fight under One Championship banner at One 28 – Dynasty of Champions on June 20, 2015 in Guangzhou, China.
Qiang’s opponent was Wu Ze, a Chinese flyweight twenty year old fighter who came the fight day with a record of 1-1. The winner of the bout was going to the semifinals scheduled for the same night – yeah, One FC is a real challenge. Most of the experts considered Wu Ze as the likely winner and he really dominated in the opening round. However, Wu Hui Qiang tried his best to resist and showed nothing to be ashamed of. The moment that broke the guy’s spirit happened in the very middle of the second round. Wu Ze escaped from the ground trap, landed a kick and then performed a side flip aiming with his both feet on Qiang’s abdomen. He missed, though. His right foot hit Qiang’s groin perfectly.
Now, that was too much even for One FC. But what leads to disqualification at any other tournament, ends with a referee’s rebuke here. The fight was interrupted to let Qiang recover from the ball stomp and after it was resumed the debutant unleashed a fearless attack which was stopped by the more experienced opponent. This time Wu Ze brought the fight to the ground and in two minutes made it to a rear naked choke submission.