Crazy flying armbar puts an end to the fight!

It’s a shame it was not dubbed the submission of the year in 2013

A rear naked choke against Ivan Menjivar performed by Urijah Faber in the main card of UFC 157 was called a submission of the year in 2013. To our mind, that was one of the most unfair verdicts, and here’s the proof.
The way the French welterweight Olivier Fontaine (4-4) won the title fight against Sofiane Benchohra (7-8) at Lyon Fighting Championship 1 in Villeurbanne, France is close to impossible. A flying armbar is not the easiest way to defeat your opponent and it’s even tougher to do when you are caught in a trap. That’s just what happened to Fontaine – Benchohra caught his leg when Olivier attempted a low kick. What happened next was an insane stunt. Fontaine with his leg caught jumped on Benchohra and brought him to the ground stretching his arm for an armbar. Benchohra hadn’t realized the change in the plot when time came to tap. Referee Cyril Bravais intervened stopping the fight at 1:16 into the opening round.
A flying armbar is not only a spectacular but also a very risky move because the opponent can slam you from high above or escape easily if you waste a second. Fontaine did everything just perfectly, he gave Benchohra absolutely no time to react and counter – so forget Faber, this is an awesome submission.