Insane chinese police techniques training!

This is how US cops should be trained!

Chinese police demonstrating some of their self defense techniques. These are the same Jiu-Jitsu techniques used by the Gracies but with less emphasis on ground techniques.

A lot of the positional escapes and counter-attacks (especially vs knife) are similar to Krav Maga (IKMF), the locks are straight from traditional jiu-jitsu and the throws are a mix of the aforementioned and some judo.

Not so sure about the strikes – looks like he’s done boxing and kung fu? The kicks are definite kung-fu but I’m not sure about the punches – maybe it’s just my lack of experience in the Chinese martial arts.

I’m still not sure about the practicality of those kicks, but everything else seems sound in terms of self-defence. Nice and simple short strikes and aggressive takedowns!