Hundred percent incredible – a seventy plus year old bodybuilder!

It’s a state of mind that makes you old

What happens to an average forty plus year old man do when his marriage is just about to fail? Depression? Drinking? Despair? Sam Bryant’s answer is “training”. The Georgia native first hit the gym at the age of 44 and today, 27 years later, he comes here twice a day, deadlifting 425 lbs!
Basically there are two emotions you feel when you look at Bryant’s workout and shape – it’s respect and shame. Respect for his dedication and shame that you still find excuses not to train on a daily basis. Bryant states he has never taken anything but the vitamins to enhance his performance but even without steroids he has a great collection of more than seventy trophies won at various bodybuilding contests.
This man is a real inspiration for anyone who faces life problems and has no idea how to fight them. “I don’t think about my age. You’re going to age, that’s inevitable, but you don’t have to get old. People ask me when I’m going to retire. I’m still working a 40 hours a week job. I say, why should I quit? I’ve figured this stuff out. More people die retired than die working”, says Bryant and, man, he’s absolutely right.
Today he competes against athletes who are way younger in the open middleweight division and his plans for future are to further build physique and compete more and more – just because he loves it. Is this man obsessed with building muscle? Not at all, with two training sessions a day and a full-time job, Sam Bryant still finds time to have fun. According to his own words, on Saturdays he goes out to dancing alongside people who are twenty years old or even younger.