How to fight someone bigger than you

An overhand punch knocks the big guy down!

Shane Fazen may be not so funny as Michael Wong, but that doesn’t affect his internet popularity. His video guides to street fighting get millions of views on Youtube. Fazen states he’s a pro fighter, trainer and certified taekwondo black belt but much of his experience comes from street fighting as well as his three key principles which are: “Violence is not cool”, “Fight only in defense” and “Bullies suck”.

Here’s his manifesto: “I’m not proud to admit that I’ve been in a ton of street fights - 1 on 1 fights, group fights with 30 people, fights in public places, and fights where people have used weapons. But I have experienced that rush, the fear of being outnumbered and watching my friends get pounded bloody into the cement. I’ve disproved just about every myth about what does or doesn’t work in street fighting:
I’ve Used Jiu-jitsu Submissions on Guys on the Sidewalk
I’ve Knocked Out Strangers with Head-Kicks (Literally)
I’ve Crushed Guys’ Midsections with Muay Thai Clinching
And I’ve Boxed Against Boxers with Bare Fists
I’ve embarrassed guys twice my size, guys three times my size, and guys with reputations like they were UFC champs”.

Sounds pretty pathetic, doesn’t it? Well, it should be pathetic if you call your book of street fight tips and hints “The Fight Bible”. Anyway, leaving rant alone, let’s admit that an overhand right punch (or a left punch if you are a southpaw) works good if you know how to land it. In case you don’t – check this video, it might help you one day.