How to End a Fight in Seconds

“I’m just gonna explode straight into the facial area”

If you’re faced with a larger attacker, the importance of going pre-emptive is huge. If you want to take out a bigger attacker, you need to strike first in a fight. You want to put as many odds into your favor as possible. It might be considered a cheap shot by some, but honestly would you rather wait and be gravely injured before defending yourself? It’s best to just go pre-emptive and strike first. First though, you want to try and verbally diffuse the situation. If you’ve done everything you can and nothing seems to be working, then you strike back and defend yourself physically.

These are some simple ideas to teach you how to fight a bigger or stronger person by knowing exactly where to punch the body with some very simple techniques used for self defence applications. This is everything you need to know about for simple self defence in a street fight .