Hilarious McGregor’s impersonator!

He sounds more Conor than “The Notorious” himself!

Not many people can fight like Conor McGregor or buy just the same custom-made suits like he does but his voice impersonators are way too numerous. However, some of them are really, really good. This Irish lad became a Youtube sensation after the footage of his phone prank has gone viral. The victim was a tailor at Louis Copeland and Sons where “The Notorious” buys his classy suits. Knowing McGregor and his passion for nice and fancy clothes you can imagine how any of the LC employees would react to Conor’s phone call. Really, it was a kinda mean prank but that doesn’t make it less funny.
So, the impersonator called the tailor and even the guy who is supposed to know McGregor good enough, cannot tell the difference. His reaction is priceless as well as the impersonator’s work (that laugh is unforgettable!). Trying to describe it makes no sense at all so don’t hesitate and watch the vid.
While UFC tries its best to find a perfect matchup for “The Notorious” in the octagon, it seems that McGregor has already met his match as far as his speech skills are concerned. By the way, the real McGregor and his copy met, so perhaps Conor hires the guy to call Jose Aldo before the fight and do some ‘motivation talk’. That would be an even meaner prank, for sure.