Highlight reel two-touch flying spin-kick KO!

Daniels: “For me it was kind of another day in the office” 

 Raymond Daniels’s road to professional martial artist’s career was not easy. He became a single father in his high school years and at the age of 21 joined the police to give his son a better life. He also kept on learning martial arts until the time came to retire from law enforcement and concentrate on combat sports.

One of his opponents after Daniels signed the contract with the Glory promotion in 2013 was Francois Ambang, a fighter from Cameroon. Ambang is not a top rank martial artist, that’s why after Daniels’s win replies were somewhat skeptical. “They said that the opponent wasn’t high-level enough or that I can only beat B-level guys or whatever. Things of that nature… You get that any time you do something that is not of the norm, that people don’t see all the time”, Daniels remembered later.

“Something that is not of the norm” is not Ambang’s possible weakness or lack of experience. It was the way Raymond Daniels finished the fight in the opening round. The first alarm bell rang for Ambang when he and Daniels unleashed exchanging shots. Daniels’s right hook got right on the button and dropped Ambang. Francois was obviously stunned and couldn’t get on his feet immediately but the referee decided fighters could go on. The following two-touch flying spin-kick doesn’t need any detailed description – it’s a pure martial arts masterpiece.

What fans and critics consider awesome, is ordinary for Daniels. With his sixth-degree Shotokan black belt and black belts in taekwondo and Kempo karate that kind of kick was, in his own words “kind of another day in the office”. “I have done these kind of techniques before at martial arts tournaments; they just didn’t happen to be on national and international television. I think the first time I knocked someone out with that technique was one of my first full-contact fights”, he said in the post-fight interview to Sherdog