Highlight reel spinning back kick KO!

The shot seemed to have come out of nowhere!(replay at 6:50)

Jose Aldo’s crucial mistake at the UFC 194 headliner left no choice – Conor McGregor is not only the featherweight king and possibly the best pound for pound in MMA, but also the author of the best knockout of the year. However, a week before the much hyped and long expected duel there was another featherweight bout which made us blessed with a great, must watch knockout. There’s little wonder in the fact it didn’t drew much attention as everyone was busy with McGregor vs. Aldo issues. But, better late than never, let’s pay tribute to it now.
David Evans and Cortavious Romious locked horns at the featherweight title bout in the undercard of Shamrock FC Ultimate on December 5. The fight was scheduled for three three-minute rounds but it took Romious, the current champion, only twenty something seconds to finish the contender. Evans worked a clinch early on but couldn’t take any advantage of it and soon was forced back. Romious threw a left high kick, then another one and finally connected with a perfectly timed and aimed spinning back kick which got the unaware Evans right on the button and dropped him to the mat barely conscious.
When Shamrock Promotions had their first event in 1998, it was headlined by the phrase “Las Vegas Style Fights”. Well, if Cortavious Romious produced a knockout like that at MGM Grand it surely would not spoil the party.