High kick Knockout – D-Fight Tournament, Russia

This is Stepan Romanov’s debut fight in professional kick – boxing.

At first, this video, running for almost a minute and a half, seems to feature one of these kickboxing fights where both opponents actively exchange punches and kicks and seem to be more or less on the same level. But wait till you reach the cherry on the cake here. This is Stepan Romanov’s debut, his first fight on the professional K-1 ring. Filmed in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the spring of 2012, this video documents one of the highlights of the D-Fight Tournament 1.

Back to Stepan and his rather worthy adversary over here, you can already tell something is brewing. There is no way Stepan is not strategizing, getting ready to make the scales here tip in his favor. What will it be, a punch, a kick, perhaps, something more complex? Both seem to be paying equal attention to the attack and defense elements of their fighting. Hard, strong punches are flying, but none of the fighters seems to lose focus. Defenses are strong. But then Stepan Romanov delivers a series of punches, crowned with a high kick that brings his opponent to the ground. It’s quite spectacular, really, taking place about 40 seconds in. This is a marvelous example of a head kick knockout. The kick was delivered just in the right moment and with the right force behind it, an unstoppable power that the guy really had no chance against. The replay lets you enjoy this work of martial art in slow motion.

The guy finally finds his way up on his feet. Understandably, he’s a bit wobbly. You can still see how powerful the knockout-bringing kick was as the winner is announced. It’s Stepan Romanov, of course. This fight, a really great first pro endeavor, pretty much put him on the map of professional kickboxing in Russia and beyond.