Great knockout at the heavyweight brawl in a sand ring

This guy should change his nickname from “Beer Man” to “Bear Man”

From Russia with knockout – here’s one more fight which happened at the “Strelka” amateur MMA tournament in Saint-Petersburg. If you want to know more about the tournament itself, check out this article (Spectator steps into the ring and ko’s mma fighter). If you don’t feel like browsing our website, here’s some necessary info: “Strelka” (“Arrow”) tournament takes place in Petersburg and sometimes in other Russian cities and Baltic states. Anyone can be a part of “Strelka” – all you need to do is fill in the application form on the internet. Sometimes you are allowed to fight even if you just came to watch the bouts and suddenly feel the fighting itch.

And after that you can easily become a crowd’s favorite. Maxim “Beer Man” Turzov (black trunks) is just one of those. He weighs 253,5 lbs. (115 kilos), which makes him one of the heaviest “Strelka’s” fighters, a kind and somewhat shy smile never seems to leave his face, he’s got a beer belly – well, you can more likely imagine that guy sitting in the pub with a pint of lager than beating the hell out of someone in the ring. But what’s more important, “Beer Man” knows how to fight and win. He learned wrestling in his childhood and now he trains in a local gym in Saint-Petersburg.

His rival at this vid, Vlad “Wolfhound” Bagaev (blue trunks), also knows something about fighting. According to “Strelka’s” official website, he was born and grew up in a small settlement not far from Saint-Petersburg. Vlad founded a gym at his native place, worked as a security at the local night club, served in the military and now is going to get a degree in economics.

Max made a good start with a cheat punch and a takedown. After that the bout was stopped for a while to let him wash off the sand from the face. When back in the stand up, Vlad Bagaev unleashed a ferocious assault with right and left head punches. He managed to make a dozen shots, when “Beer Man” landed one but precise and stunning counterpunch. And here’s what makes “Beer Man” special – his first move after the KOing strike was to help his opponent not to finish him. I’d like to see things like this happening more often in MMA.