Head kick knocks the guy out cold!

Check the replay for details.

They say, almost all best and biggest things come from Texas and here’s another proof as we have here a huge knockout which happened this year in May at Rocks Xtreme MMA 14 in Harker Heights, TX. However, the knockout is not one hundred percent Texan as the guy who landed the strike, Peter Stanonik, is a Wyoming native. But, anyway, let’s call it Texan because it’s really as impressive as space Center Houston (well, almost).
The fight we feature today was the main card bout and the poor kid on the other end of a brutal head kick is Randy Sanchez who entered the cage for the second time in his life. His MMA debut happened four years ago and ended with a loss via an armbar to Willie Munoz. Sanchez was clearly willing to make his sophomore effort more successful. He started with a vicious left punch to the head and then threw almost a dozen of shots, most of them in vain. Stanonik responded with leg kicks and then, when Sanchez out his hands just a bit down, landed that perfect kick to the head. Sanchez dropped to the mat out cold as Stanonik walked off pretty sure there was no need for the follow-up. Medics rushed to help Sanchez and it took them a couple of minutes before he could even sit.
For some unknown reason the leading websites which focus on MMA report Stanonik’s win as a technical knockout via punches. However, it’s obvious the bout ended with a high kick knockout and a great one, we need to say.