Stunning knockout in a debut MMA fight!

The fight was just thirty seconds long!

Among eleven fights on the card for Hoplite Fight Productions: No Judges Required (July 7, 2015, Merced County Fairgrounds Yosemite Hall, CA) there were five bouts which ended by knockouts. At least one of them is a must watch and we have to thank Darren Cablay for that. Cablay took the fight on one day notice and he was set to face Jon Mateo in the main card of HFP4. For Cablay that was his MMA debut while Mateo had lost two bouts and won none before the fight day.
As two bantamweight amateurs clashed, the more experienced Mateo started landing powerful shots and pressed Cablay to the fence. However, Cablay didn’t lose his spirit and quickly showed that sometimes being too aggressive works bad. He countered Mateo with a devastating right directly to the jaw. Mateo dropped on his back out cold, with another loss added to his record. A perfect shot didn’t suggest any further punishment, so while the referee was figuring out whether Mateo could get back on his feet, Cablay had enough time to celebrate.
Cablay’s win over Mateo didn’t go unnoticed by Bas Rutten and Kenny Rice, hosts of “Inside MMA” on AXS TV. A stunning knockout became a part of highlights of the week selection – and who would say it’s not deserved? Way to go, Darren and congrats on the brilliant start.