Guy receives a superman punch and bursts through the gym wall!

Why do they train in a place like that?

A flashy move is a great way to finish the bout, especially when you don’t miss the target. And a superman punch which is also known as cobra punch or a Kra-Dod Chok in Muay Thai is one of the flashiest moves you can imagine. Most sources agree that the first fighter to use it was Bas Rutten in his bout against Kevin Randleman at UFC 20 which he won via split decision. Perhaps, only a showtime kick can be compared to a superman punch. So why not learn how to land it the right way?
That’s just what the guys from “Learn Submissions” had in mind when they recorded this tutorial clip. And the video is great because you can see not only the superman punch technique but also the effect it produces. While the instructor explains that you should push off some surface to reach maximum efficiency, a huge guy in the background uses the fence as a take-off pad for his superman punch move. The outcome is stunning – his opponent busts through the gypsum plasterboard wall and disappears in the abyss. It takes two men – the instructor and the hitter – to drag the poor sap out of the hole he made.
A fake you would say? Well, maybe the guys just wanted to have some fun but that doesn’t make the superman punch less useful. If you browse our site you are sure to find plenty of examples showing that a superman punch or sometimes a superman elbow can be devastating and irresistible.