Stunning punch knocks the guy stiff out cold!

Watch the slo-mo replay at 0:35 mark

There are several things you need to remember when you plan an attack in an MMA fight. Be creative, be precise, be violent and, for God’s sake, keep your chin down. Otherwise your blitzkrieg may end the most unexpected and unwanted way. That’s just what happened recently to Richard Hardy in his fight against Ryan Long at Stellar Fights 27.
According to Stellar Fights website it was an MMA debut for Hardy. Perhaps the guy was over excited as he acted way too risky. He assaulted Long (MMA record 2-4, kickboxing record 0-2) recklessly and forgot to keep his guard. Anyone who saw enough MMA fights could predict the result – Ryan Long threw a left-right punch combo landing it directly on Hardy’s chin. The debutant dropped to the canvas out cold and remained stiff there for several minutes.
This highlight reel finish earned Ryan Long a Knockout of the Night award as well as a place in “Road Trip Highlights” in “Inside MMA” on AXS TV. Bas Rutten suggested that Richard Hardy’s poor first MMA experience will help him to improve his guard in future and we definitely hope it will – the knockout was really devastating.