Guy gets KOed and continues fighting with ropes!

That was a real nuclear blast knockout!

If anyone ever makes the list of countries where mixed martial arts are mostly developed, Finland wouldn’t get in it. Still, one of the “most brutal knockout of the year” title contenders bears ‘made in Finland’ mark on it. Featherweight Rasul Khataev from Hardknocks Helsinki destroyed Laimonas Stanickas from Lithuania in the scariest fashion on February 28 at Fight Night Finland in Karkkila.
Khataev (6-3) is famous in his native Chechnya and Finland as an outstanding and tough striker. His ground game may be a little weak, as all his losses came via submissions, but when his opponent lets him throw some shots, Rasul comes in full strength. That’s just what happened in the fight against Stanickas (7-10-1). The Lithuanian was completely outclassed and two and a half minutes into the opening round Khataev threw a devastating left hand that made Stanickas almost do the splits. Stanockas dropped to the mat and before the referee could interfere, Khataev sprung in the air and bombed his opponent with a nuclear blast punch to the head from his right.
The hit was so huge, Stanickas got all lost and unleashed a fearless fight against the ropes. Fortunately, the guy returned from the world of fairies and unicorns pretty fast and left the ring on his feet.