Guy challenges strangers on the street to punch him in the face!

Trav’s just invulnerable. Well, almost.

What would you say if someone came to you on the street, handed a pair of boxing gloves to you and asked for a punch in the face? What if the guy told you he is not going to hit back? A piece of cake, you would say? Well, not if the guy’s name is Trav and he hosts “Fight Smart” Youtube channel. Trav’s idea was to show how vital is good headwork for a street fight and how important it is not only to land punches but also to dodge them.
The strangers he challenged are all different – short and tall, skinny and muscled, guys who know how to punch and those who probably know only how to get punched. What unites them is the fact that they just cannot hit Trav and while they try they go clearly tired. Only the second guy actually lands a couple of shots but that’s an exception that proves the rule.
There are actually many good things about this video. It’s useful, it’s funny and it’s entertaining. The best way to win a street fight is, of course, not being involved in it. But if you don’t think you are going to be so lucky, because of the environment you live in or because of your temper – then take some time to watch it, train hard and when the day comes you are sure to live the battlefield unharmed and victorious. Ghetto workout skills also might help.