Great triangle submission. BJJ World Championship 2014

Unbelievable submission wrestling in the finals for the absolute purple belt! BJJ World Championship 2014 

Edwin Najmi vs Nicholas meregali worlds 2014 Finals Purple Absolute. Won triangle choke.

That’s one thing you won’t expect from a heavyweight, obviously.  Featherweights are better graced by nature for flying techniques, as this 2014 World Final Purple Belt fight demonstrates.  Edwn Najmi goes straight for Nicholas Meregali’s throat and locks up, maintaining the grip while the opponent is still in the standing position and then down on the mat. Najmi’s slide-through between Meregali’s feet to tighten the lock and roll him over is equally impressive. There’s little for Meregali to do, other than a resign slap and the triangle chock is released. The purple belt finds a deserving and convincing victor.