Put to sleep with a triangle choke

Grappling match ends with a great triangle choke

Moscow Region Grappling Final (FILA). Weight up to 71 kilograms.
Grappling – is a kind of combat sports combining wrestling techniques with minimal restrictions on the use of submission holds. Grappling does not include strikes. The desire to finish the fight as soon as possible using submission holds is a distinctive feature of grappling.

Two Caucasian fighters: Marat Gafurov (black shorts and a maroon-and-black T-shirt) and Surkhay Asadulaev (black shorts and a yellow-green T-shirt)

The favorite of the match is Gafurov, he is 27 years old and has many titles under his belt: Champion of Russia in grappling, Pankration World Champion, Kick-Jitsu World Cup medalist (2007), M-1 Challenge Champion in featherweight and some more. Also Marat Gafurov has a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He has gained 9 victories and has never lost the bell. Marat began grappling at the age of 17. In five years he also turned to jiu-jitsu.

Another title contender is Surkhay Asadulaev. He is 20 years old. Surkhay was born and grew up in Makhachkala. Surkhay Asadulaev has gained only two victories. So, the judge asks the other judges to prepare for timing. Grappling combat usually lasts for 5 minutes.
Hear comes the whistle. Gafurov immediately starts moving to the right searching for a good grip zone. Asadulaev rubs his ears ready to fight. A few more steps and Marat is already in a mount position. Surkhay is trying to escape, but Marat is a true professional and won’t let him go.
Gafurov catches hold of Asadulaev’s arm and neck and tries to get into a rear naked choke, he has already earned 4 points for his actions. A few seconds and Surkhay Asadulaev loses consciousness because of Gafurov’s hold. Pure and unconditional victory. We hope that this fight will not affect Surkhay’s health and he will continue to participate in grappling fights.