Great superman elbow knockout!

That’s what we like Muay Thai for!

When a former boxer starts his pro career in MMA or any traditional martial art, you often expect him to win his fights with a good solid punch to the opponent’s head or liver. Clinton Hester’s UFC debut bout at UFC TUF 17 in 2013 became a huge surprise for the fans and experts, as this ex-boxer (boxing record 3-3-1) ended the slugfest in the third round with an epic elbow strike. The shot was a brilliant mixture of violence and skill and sent Bristol Marunde, the victim, to the canvas without any chance of getting back in the fight.

Fans and experts would probably be less stunned if they took some time to browse through Hester’s previous fights. In August 2010 he stepped in the ring at Bangkok Fight Night 10 and did just the same. Hester’s rival dropped him to the mat as the footage starts, and if it was an MMA bout he could unleash ground and pound or try a submission. As everything above-said is illegal in Muay Thai, the guy in yellow trunks couldn’t elaborate his advantage which was crucial. Hester did not just got back on his feet – it’s clearly seen that his shots are more powerful and vicious. It took him only twenty seconds to return fire and drop his opponent. Fifteen seconds more – and knee to the head sends Hester’s rival to the mat again! Actually, the only intrigue since that moment was how long it will take Hester to put an end.

The answer came pretty soon. Hester noticed that his opponent was keeping his left hand way too low and landed a devastating superman elbow. It doesn’t matter how many times trainers tell to keep the guard high – there will always be someone who forgets it.