Great sportsmanship display in a sambo match!

Sambo wrestler takes the injured opponent to the locker!

There will be many splendid wins and bitter losses during the European Games in Baku but yesterday sambo final in the 74 kilos (163 pounds) weight category will be one of the most remembered moments for sure. Stsiapan Papou, a wrestler from Belarus, was set to face Amil Gasimov from Azerbaijan. Both opponents showed an immense spirit and desire to win, and when Papou shot for submission, tapping was no option for Gasimov for quite a time. The Azerbaijani even tried to perform the same move and win the final fight.  But as Papou pressed on and on, Gasimov couldn’t stand the torture any longer and finally tapped. Unfortunately the stoppage was too late to prevent the injury and Gasimov remained lying on the canvas in visible pain.

What happened next just drove the fans crazy – Papou hoisted Gasimov upon his shoulders and carried him away to the locker followed by the Azerbaijani trainers and everyone’s hearty cheering. Besides, his golden medal became the first one for Belarus national sambo team in the Europeans.

“That’s what often happens in sambo: athletes don’t want to give up, they try to stand the pain until the referee stops the bout. So my opponent didn’t want to tap despite all pain and he got injured. I think that the thing I did is a sign of respect. I used to be in that kind of situation, so I didn’t have any doubts whether to help him or not. If sambo athletes want to compete in the Olympics, they need to be an example of respectful attitude”, Papou said after the finals.