Great flying spinning back kick KO

Great flying spinning back kick KO. Watch the whole video for replay.

Punches, kicks, grappling, takedowns – you have to be good at everything if you’re in mixed martial arts for a win. A fighter from Bangore, Maine, Bruce “Pretty Boy” Boyington is just that kind of guy but his real passion is taekwondo. Giving all possible respect and attention to a great number of techniques used in the cage, he polished his TKD skills to a brilliant shine making each of his bouts something special, no matter if it ends with a win or a loss.

A win comes more often, by the way – his record is 9-7, according to Looking at it you can easily see that he usually loses by a choke. But if Bruce manages to avoid it, he’s extremely dangerous. His lightweight bout against Keegan “The Flu” Hornstra at New England Fights – Fight Night 3 on June 16th, 2012 in Lewiston (Maine, USA) is a perfect illustration of that.

Ten seconds ending with an epic KO! Hornstra’s liver suffered a vicious spinning back kick and before the poor guy could get back to reality, Boyington landed a second devastating high kick, adding one more defeat to Hornstra’s record of 2-7.

“We train hard every night: Drill, drill, drill, practice and fight, and do it all over again. We don’t ever have a dull night”, Bruce Boyington said in an interview  to Mike Hammersmith from “”. Well, we also never have a dull night when Bruce is in the cage, thanks to his special manner and style.