Great flying knee knockout

Watch the video for details and different angles.

Bellator 61 (March 16, 2012, Bossier City, Louisiana, USA) brought together Wand Fight Team Vitor Vianna and FactoryX Muay Thai Brian Rogers in the first quarterfinal middleweight bout. Both fighters were defeated by Rusfighters Alexander Shlemenko in Bellator’s season of 2011. So this was just the time for them to show the rest of the 185-pound field that they need to be taken seriously.

Rogers, an explosive and hard-hitting striker, had a record of 8-3 by that time, seven of his wins coming in the first round. Vianna (13-2-1 to the fighting day) is more of a BJJ master. So the main question was whose fight plan will work, whether Vianna manages to draw Rogers in a long and exhausting battle or Rogers makes it quick and brutal.

As the first round started, Rogers (black and white trunks) landed several unpleasant low kicks and punches while Vianna (white trunks) seemed rather passive and obviously waiting for a good takedown opportunity. He was no success at all – Rogers didn’t want to go to the ground no matter what. In the middle of the round Vianna tried an outside low kick from his right, Rogers got his foot, punched him down to the ground and then stood waiting for his opponent to get up. Several seconds later he suplexed Vianna, topped him and landed a great shot to the head from above. But instead of getting to ground and pound he stood up again – he was not going to give Vianna even the slightest advantage.

And finally came the moment shown in the video. After an outside kick Rogers threw a punch which got right to Vianna’s chin. Somewhat stunned, Vianna stepped aside just when Rogers leaped forward. Rogers attacked with a massive flying knee which hit Vianna right on the button. Vianna dropped backwards, out cold, opening the gates to middleweight semifinals for Rogers.