Great 10-second TKO in a super heavyweight bout.

He’s a killer in a fight and a teddy-bear right after. Watch replay at 9:00 mark.

When really big guys meet in the cage, the biggest does not necessarily win. Sometimes huge weight is a disservice, making a fighter devastatingly strong but somewhat sloppy and clumsy. That’s true but only in case you don’t speak of Charles Williams from Nevada’s Team Unforgiven. This man weighs more than 300 lbs. and often participates in Tuff-n-Uff MMA shows.

In 2012 Williams had a record of 5-0 and a Tuff-n-Uff superheavyweight title. On August 18th he was going to face Minnesota’s STOMP MMA Jeremy Umland in a title challenge bout at Tuff-n-Uff Mayhem in Mesquite. The fighters were a great matchup as Umland was not much lighter than Williams (290 lbs. vs 310 lbs.) and boasted an encouraging two-win streak. Everything suggested it’s going to be an exciting fight very likely to end with a single punch.

The Minnesota challenger rushed at Williams like a wounded rhino, aiming at a quick finish with a head punch. Williams’s reaction was that of a perfect assassin – he stepped a little back first, then landed a solid counterpunch from the right which was just a sign of the coming storm. But Umland already had no time to find a shelter from the hail of punches that followed the first one. He bended, bowed, kneeled, stood on all fours and the painful shower just kept on pouring until the ref stopped the bout ruling it a TKO.
It’s fun and moving to watch how the merciless killing machine named Charles Williams immediately turned into a kind-hearted big gentleman with the end of the fight. When asked “What took you so long?” about his 10-second win in the post-fight interview, the title defender showed maximum respect for his opponent and said that he “had made a great friendship with Mr. Umland, so there’s no hard feelings about it (the win – DoubleKO)”.