(Graphic Injury) Massive Knee KO & Broken Nose

Watch entire video for replay.

This guy is going to have to go through corrective surgery to get his nose fixed after the beating he has taken from this fight. Honestly, the two competitors weren’t that far into the fight when our broken-nosed fighter took a knee kick right to the nose. The sheer force of our winner managed to not only break his nose, but dislodge the cartilage to the point where his nose looks like a curvy “S”. All I can say is that has got to hurt, big time.

Also look closely at the referee’s face at the eleven second mark. Obviously he hasn’t ever seen anything like this in the ring before. He had no choice but to call off the fight looking at the dazed fighter who just got his nose broke.

I noticed some were questioning whether or not this move is actually legal and if the nose breaking fighter actually won the match. To put it short and sweet, he did indeed win the match. According to official fight rules if an opponent isn’t able to continue in a fight due to an injury then this is a technical knockout. As the name implies, a technical knockout means that if the fighter with an injury can’t continue he loses the fight .

The fighter with the broken nose had to take over a year off before stepping into the ring again. He bounced back nicely, so far winning both of his fights after this gruesome injury