Girls brawl in the cage!

They may lack skill but they sure love fighting.That hurts even to watch this!

 Despite the fact that first female bouts, with rules similar to those of MMA, have been documented since the mid-nineties, there still exists a large anti-WMMA faction whose members consider women mixed martial arts too bloody, not technically sound enough, or just boring. Actually, women MMA goes the same way as women soccer, hockey or powerlifting: the first stage is always “nah, this is not for the ladies”, the second is “okay, but it will never be the same fun as men competition” and then, finally, there comes everyone’s recognition. Having mentioned anti-WMMA faction in mind let’s say women mixed martial arts are somewhere between the second and the final stages.

No, seriously. If you think that we are over dramatizing, just google something like “Women MMA sucks” and you’ll find enough references to that particular point of view. Not convinced? Why does Cat Zingano’s stretching and warm-up video ( get over 100 thousand views then which is more than some of her fights do? Can you imagine that kind of thing happening to Connor McGregor or Fedor in the years of his prime? Almost no one confesses he likes a male fighter because “he’s hot” but it’s pretty usual when people talk about cage ladies.

Such an opinion is just the same heritage of old as the video we offer here today – let’s get back to the days when female bouts drove the crowd crazy but not due to immense striking or wrestling skills of the fighters. These girls, Ariel and Roxy, clash in a three-round cage bout which ends in a draw. As the fans go wild, girls keep throwing shots in a schoolyard brawl style which can be anything but combat sports. People just love to be nostalgic about ‘good old days’ but this is something that makes you happy those days are over