Funniest MMA Moments Conor McGregor Edition

There’s only one word to explain Conor McGregor – “Savage”

Everyone calls him a clown, but seriously this guy is entertaining to watch him talk & fight. he tapped out to nate yes, his jiu jitsu is awful, but this guy accomplished what other fighters couldn’t do at his age. Yes i am in McGregor’s bandwagon, although he can be a cocky clown at times, i am amused everytime i see this guy.

I think people give Connor a lot of unnecessary hate. Yeah he’s cocky, yeah he’s a dick, but it’s all for show. Connor, just like guys like Chael Sonnen is a master at trash talk because they know that trash talk brings in more views. Connor is probably one of the highest paid fighters in the world right now because of his fighting AND trash talking ability. Connor is an incredibly smart guy and I don’t think most people realize that he does it all for show.