David knocks out Goliaph after the bell

That’s what you do when you have a 12-inch reach disadvantage

Now if you think that a freak fight is the one where Frank Shamrock easily secures a rear naked choke against Kimbo Slice but then suffers at least four punches to the head and gets knocked out, here’s a sample of a freak fight at its best. The names are Grover Young and Marcellus Brown, with Young as the screenwriter, director and the star and Brown as a supporting actor. Oh yeah, and don’t forget referee, and cornermen in crowd scenes. If Joe Rogan was to commentate this, he would probably go like “Unbelieeeeveable” or something but we are no Joe Rogan so here’s a more detailed description of what happened.
So, that was a heavyweight amateur boxing bout which would be called a mismatch by any pro standards. Grover Young who was 9-15 by the fight day weighed 200 pound, was 5’10” tall and had a 72” reach. Compared to Marcellus Brown (280 pounds, 7” tall, 86” reach, 27-18 boxing record) Young looked like a David in front of Goliaph. A cheap shot David, actually.

The fight was scheduled for six rounds during which Young didn’t find a cure for his terrible fourteen inch reach disadvantage. When he went for an uppercut he just couldn’t even touch Brown’s jaw, not saying of hitting it. What could a guy do? Most of the boxers would probably give up and lose by decision by Young is nit that kind of a guy – with the bell (honestly, after it) he threw a sucker punch and dropped Brown who obviously didn’t see it coming. As if it wasn’t enough, Young shouted something addressing Brown’s corner and in the same moment the ring was full of people who wanted to have a couple of words with Young.
What’s even more surprising is the fact that Young was not disqualified and earned another win on his mediocre record.